CareEngine® and Clinical Decision Support

Turning data into insight that can help support patient care and reduce costs
At the heart of many of our health management and clinical decision-support programs is our patented and innovative platform that is designed to help integrate data from different sources and make it more accessible and usable. CareEngine was developed to collect and analyze massive volumes of data on a daily basis (including medical claims, pharmacy and lab data) and match it with the latest and most advanced clinical standards. As a result of this process, CareEngine can provide customers with tools to help continually identify gaps in care at an individual level, and once these issues are identified, send clinical alerts to the individual and/or the physician.

Information is the Best Medicine®

CareEngine is a fourth generation, well-established and rigorous analytics platform that reviews and assesses an individual’s available health care information across:

  • More than 1,500 monitored events
  • Based on more than 5,000 clinical rules
  • Derived from accepted clinical guidelines
  • Continuously managed by a team of over 30 board-certified physicians, pharmacists and registered nurses

These clinical alerts, called Care ConsiderationsSM, may help inform individuals and providers about opportunities clinical risks and potential gaps in care. All of these Care ConsiderationsSM are based on accepted standards of quality and are developed by our clinical team who are constantly reviewing and testing the CareEngine.

The CareEngine System is designed to empower providers, enhance the provider/patient relationship, and support more educated treatment decisions and quality of care and utilization management. This state-of-the-art system can also reduce medical errors and help to optimize utilization by enabling individuals to avoid unnecessary hospitalization and emergency room visits.

Find out more about the power of our CareEngine System and how it can help support your clinical decision-making by contacting ActiveHealth Management today.

Go beyond basic gaps in care through advanced Clinical Decision Support
Many Clinical Decision Support (CDS) offerings in the industry today are very simplistic and flag only the most basic gaps in care. The advanced CDS services offered by ActiveHealth are designed to provide intelligent health management support through integrated and in-depth analytic tools. The power of our CDS technology lies in our ability to continuously gather member information and then provide members and their physicians with insight about specific clinical gaps based on evidence-based guidelines.


CareEngine® delivers proven results.

  • $8.07PMPM savings
  • 8.4% fewer hospitalizations (95% savings)
  • 13% avoided Emergency Department
  • Improvement in 10 of 14 quality metrics

In 2012, more than 21 million Care Considerations were delivered, reducing medical errors and improving the quality of care.

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