Personalized wellness tools and resources
MyActiveHealthSM is more than just a web portal—it provides access to personal data to help your patients or members understand their baseline health, develop achievable wellness objectives, prioritize actions and track their progress. MyActiveHealth is completely integrated across our programs and services and leverages the CareEngine® System  to help you and your patients identify potential gaps in care and resources to help them understand and take action. Built around our unique personal health record and fully-integrated Health Risk Assessment (HRA), MyActiveHealth is designed to bring together information and resources to facilitate a personalized, engaging experience.

Supporting wellness programs
Complete integration means that MyActiveHealth is the online gateway to all Active programs, complementing and adding to our personalized health improvement services and wellness programs. Digital health coaching, wellness incentive tracking and a social component are also available to help support integrated wellness programs.

MyActiveHealth  MyActiveHealth  MyActiveHealth

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Engaging members in their personal health
MyActiveHealth offers fun, interactive tools such as health trackers and games to help members reach their health goals. Educational articles and videos help provide members with general information to better understand their health conditions.

Giving members access to their health information anytime, anywhere
Key features on MyActiveHealth, including the Personal Health Record, emergency contact information and health trackers, are also available through the mobile version of MyActiveHealth, adding convenience and connectivity for members using smart phones.

If you are having trouble logging in to MyActiveHealth or accessing any of the tools and resources available in your personal health website, please fill out this form. We will try to respond with 24 hours with help.

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