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New Year, New Resolutions: Activating Better Health in 2015

More than 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions – but less than 8% achieve them! The first two weeks are the easiest in terms of staying committed, with 71% of people still holding to their promises. By now, many people feel their resolve wavering, and by halfway through the year the number of people still managing to stay strong on their promises is only 46%.1

So while everyone is still in the right frame of mind to keep their resolutions and focus on better health, here are some good tips and inspiration from our members to help support yourself and your members in successfully keeping this year's resolutions.

Set achievable goals: It’s important to start with a goal that you can realistically achieve, especially when goals concern personal health. Remember: one small change at a time can lead to confidence and success!

Active Inspiration: ActiveHealth® had tried several times to quit tobacco. When he got serious about quitting, he started working with a health coach and his health care provider to determine the best way to finally overcome the habit. He decided the patch was his best option and agreed to set a goal for starting down his path to being tobacco free—January 1st, 2014. By giving himself a year to slowly cut down, overcome his urge to smoke, and working with his health coach to address his smoking triggers, Russell was finally tobacco free when the New Year came around.

Find inspiration and motivation: Everyone is motivated by different things, but we can all be inspired by the success stories of our friends, family and colleagues. Encourage people to share their journeys to better health, and find ways to spread those inspirational stories for positive motivation.

Active Inspiration: ActiveHealth struggled with her health for years, in denial that she needed help. After her employer began offering rewards for participating in a health management program, she started working with a nurse coach and learning more about her condition – and finally found her key to healthier living.  “I’d been a diabetic for 10 or 15 years, and I’d been living in denial that I could still eat cake, cookies, and all of that! It was just the realization of my mortality. It was just a great way to encourage and inspire me and keep me on-task.”

Tap into support systems: A big difference between those who keep their resolutions and those who don’t may be the support system around them. If friends, family, and every day environment offer positive reinforcement, the path to success is much easier.

Active Inspiration:  “Being on the ActiveHealth program has helped me be more motivated towards my goals because I know that I have a support system behind me.” - ActiveHealth member Jimmy

Track progressDid you know? On average, it takes 66 days to form a habit.2 Being able to track and monitor progress toward a goal helps sustain motivation. Seeing the incremental gains along the way, and being able to focus on the next benchmark helps people build confidence and stay on track.

Focus on the wins: Setbacks happen. The important thing is not to lose sight of the progress that’s already been made. Each step forward towards achieving a goal is important, and deserves to be recognized and celebrated on the journey to better health.

Active Inspiration: When engaged with an ActiveHealth health coach in 2012, he already had the mindset to lose weight. He was already exercising frequently, but Claude really needed to learn more about good nutrition and strategies to avoid overeating. Through telephonic coaching, his health coach provided this information and so much more, including positive support. In fact, Claude found while he would “beat himself up” for a misstep in his eating, his health coach never allowed him give into this negativity for long. He credits his health coach’s education, support and positive upbeat attitude to helping him overcome any obstacles to his success. While this success didn’t happen, overnight, Claude ultimately reached his weight loss goal after two years of hard work and dedication.

“Getting the right support is the key to success. Whether it’s from a friend or family member, a colleague, or a health coach, it’s important to get the support you need to gain skills and motivation to change behavior and continue making healthy lifestyle choices,” Swapna Mehta, ActiveHealth Wellness Program Manager.

Get engaged with ActiveHealth to find out how to motivate and activate positive behavior change with personalized health and wellness solutions in 2015.