two women one caucasian and one african american with arms raised outside exercising

A Year of Well-Being

Providing health and well-being information is a great way to help your employees better manage their health goals. Our 2016 wellness calendar is a simple yet effective communication tool that you can use to advocate well-being all year long.

This calendar is a great guide that can be used to structure health and well-being programs around key national health and wellness observances.  By focusing on a new topic every month, you can raise awareness of your program and help drive continuous engagement in healthier behaviors. “The calendar is a great guide to a healthier year,” said Swapna Mehta, Wellness Program Manager. “We use it to develop other relevant and timely communications to further reinforce messages that promote better health awareness.”

2016 ActiveHealth Management Wellness CalendarDownload a free copy of our new wellness calendar today and stay tuned for information on our upcoming webinar where we will be discussing communication tactics and opportunities to help your organization reach new levels of well-being in 2016!