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Many Americans with advanced illness are not truly receiving the care they want. A majority would prefer to be at home during end of life, yet 54% of Medicare beneficiaries are reaching the end of life in hospitals or intensive care. Services that provide enhanced care management in support of...

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Wadida Murib-Holmes, Executive Director accompanied by
her daughter and Scott Money, Business Program Project Manager



This week, ActiveHealth is heading to Nashville to participate in America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) Institute. This year’s Institute is geared around tools and answers that can help move the health care system towards one that is focused on engaging consumers in new ways, streamlining...

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Even the simplest of wellness initiatives can reap big savings for payers, representatives of the  said at the...

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When the North Carolina State Health Plan introduced a technology-enabled population health and care management strategy for 680,000 members across the state, they were seeking to empower individuals to make healthier choices and become partners in addressing their health care needs. The results...

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By Ken Yale, VP, Clinical Solutions, ActiveHealth Management

HIMSS is a great conference to gather insights on how healthcare organizations are using the latest healthcare predictive analytics tools to improve care, manage the health of populations, and grow and prosper...

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By Wadida Murib-Holmes, Executive Director for the State of North Carolina State Health Plan at ActiveHealth Management, and Jonathan Rubens, MD, Medical Director for the State of North Carolina

Chronic conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity are...

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We recently had the opportunity to witness an amazing group of wellness champions at work during their annual planning workgroup held at one of our client sites. Watching a diverse group of people with a genuine passion for healthy workplace culture brainstorm, build vision boards, and map out a...

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