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We are passionate about improving quality of care, reducing costs, and transforming lives.

Our Story

More than 15 years ago, Lonny Reisman, a practicing cardiologist embraced his passion to find ways to deliver better care for patients. For years, Lonny was worried - frightened really, by the inability to ensure appropriate care, given an increasingly complex health care landscape.  The tipping point came one day when, as a consultant, he was meeting with his client, a large national employer. They were discussing a 42-year-old patient that was recently hospitalized as a result of a stroke. While all of the others congratulated themselves on how this man's hospital stay was shortened, Lonny zeroed in on the one question that no one else seemed to ponder; "Why did a 42 year old man have a stroke in the first place?"

This insightful question led to a shift in conversation--towards the real issue at hand. How could we collectively leverage disparate, complex, and continuously evolved health information, housed in various places, to identify potentially life-threatening health events or gaps in care? How could data and technology come together to help patients better understand their health risks and opportunities--and to enable providers to deliver more informed, evidence-based care?

With this lofty goal in mind, Lonny founded ActiveHealth Management. His mission: to leverage important, meaningful patient and clinical information to improve care, reduce costs, and most importantly, save lives.  The team at ActiveHealth went on to build a world class, proprietary technology platform called the CareEngine®, which synchronized complex data, ran the data against a set of evidence-based rules to identify risks and opportunities for health improvement, and engaged members and providers to do something about those opportunities.  Since its founding, the ActiveHealth team has continued to embrace approaches to leverage provider, employer, and consumer relationships to incrementally improve the health system.

Our team embraces those early years of development and impact.  We learned a lot from those experiences.  Solid feedback and an open mind have helped shape who we are today, and where we see ourselves going in the future.  We remain committed to listening, and partnering--to continuously evolve our approaches to find individuals with opportunities for health improvement; engage them; positively impact their outcomes; and collectively improve financial performance for organizations. We believe that significant impact can be achieved, one person at a time - by making the right connections, leveraging personalized, relationship-based communication, coaching and decision support, relevant social and mobile strategies, and meaningful behavior change motivators. We believe that with each step forward, starting with our deeply rooted clinical intelligence, our superior technology platform, and our long-standing provider relationships, as well as by continuing to incorporate evolved, multi-faceted approaches to engagement, we can help transform the health system.  Together, we believe we can.

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