Upon enrollment in the wellness program, Deborah satisfied the incentive requirement by connecting with a program dietician, Linda, and a nurse, Felicia. The three agreed that Deborah would contact Linda and Felicia once each month as she began a diet and exercise regimen.

“The monthly coaching calls were a concrete reinforcement to keep me going, to hold me accountable,” said Deborah. “They would ask how I was doing on my goals, and offered constructive ideas when I would start to slack up. I actually looked forward to those calls – one of the best parts of the program turned out to be talking to ‘my girls’.”

After that first contact with Linda and Felicia, Deborah participated in a clinical check-up with labs and blood work to establish a baseline for measuring progress. At her most recent checkup, which was less than a year after enrolling in the program, that progress proved to be dramatic:

• Weight loss of 40 pounds

• Average blood sugar reading reduced from 194 to 149

• A1C reading decreased from dropped from 6.8 to 5.8

• Average glucose reduced to 118

 “The biggest surprise to me was that I could see so much improvement without taking forever,” said Deborah. “I went from a packed-in size 16 to wearing size 6s and 8s over the course of a year. I feel so much better now because I’ve lost the weight. I’m exercising. I watch what I eat. That’s a lot of positive change thanks to this program.”


When Deborah’s co-workers ask about the changes in her life and how she was able to lose such a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time, she’s happy to share her experience with the program and her interaction with Linda and Felicia. She tells her colleagues how helpful and motivating her nurses have been. As a result, one of her coworkers recently enrolled in the program, and has proactively interacted with nurses, exceeding the required amount of interactions to achieve the financial incentive. Deborah says that this colleague has also recognized the importance of the program beyond the incentives – the impact it can have on your life.

“I hope even the younger employees will think about getting more involved in their health like I did,” said Deborah. “With a car, we do this preventive maintenance to keep it running in optimal shape, and that same idea applies to our bodies. When you address issues even before they start and begin eating right and exercising and doing the things you really need to do, then you’ve got a machine that can carry you into your 60s and 70s and 80s and maybe even your 90s. That’s what makes it possible to be there for your family, your kids and friends and spouse, the people who love you, and you’re the one who can make it be so.”


“I feel so much better now because I’ve lost the weight. I’m exercising. I watch what I eat. That’s a lot of positive change thanks to this program.”— Deborah

Deborah recognizes that her lifestyle changes are impacting all those around her. For her company, she will be a healthier, more productive employee with lower health costs. For her family and friends, she will be able to live a longer, healthier life. And most importantly, she has taken control of her own life.