Activating and Empowering Better Health in Bibb County, Alabama

In early August, as teachers and school staff across the state of Alabama were preparing to go back to school, our health coaches were working on ways to bring wellness into their workplace. Bibb County School District stood out as a great example of how to infuse these efforts into employee programs as they incorporated wellness into their annual Institute and in-service, held on August 3rd and 4th.

Health coach Lisa Hoffman coordinated wellness activities during the Institute day that included raffling off a FitBit and having people play a game of “Guess the snack” to help raise awareness of the services available for attendees. Lisa also offered constructive content on day 2 with presentations on Smart Shopping and Meal Planning and Stress and Time Management to promote healthier behaviors.

improving member healthWith more than 300 individuals present during the Institute, Lisa was able to have a huge impact in a short period of time. One particular piece of feedback captures perfectly the response that makes these events so worthwhile: “It was a great event!  It made me want to focus more on changing some habits for the long-haul.”

Lisa is one of several dedicated onsite coaches who travel around the state of Alabama to offer in-person support to teachers and school staff. Her work is a part of ActiveHealth’s collaboration with the Public Education Employees Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP) to improve member health. Recognizing that in-person support can play a meaningful role in driving healthier behaviors, PEEHIP places a significant emphasis on providing onsite wellness initiatives for members.

Wellness sessions like the one Lisa hosted in Bibb County truly make an impact on their lives. Lisa often experiences this first-hand in the form of hugs and sometimes even tears after she finishes a presentation, and it’s these reactions that in turn inspire her work in helping the people of Alabama every day.