Culture of Health: Assessing Strength and Commitment for Success

The concept of a “culture of health” as a key pillar of employer or health plan wellness programs isn’t new. What is new is the pressure facing organizations to help groom their members for a successful transition into the realm of “educated health care consumers” while still focused on the ever-present need to engage employees and reduce health care costs.

The rise of the health care consumer has been well-documented, but we also know there is a significant lag in the general population that has, up until recently, been largely shielded from the realities of taking more responsibility for their health, their care and the accompanying costs.

Much like the shift from pensions to 401(k)s in the world of employee retirement planning, the shift of responsibility from the plan sponsor to the member is driving major changes in how all stakeholders interact with their benefits and each other. And the continuous steady rise of health care costs continues to be a challenge for all stakeholders.

With so much change happening across health care benefits, the time to assess organizational cultures of health and determine opportunities to strengthen and grow programs is now. Our health and wellness experts culled through industry research and best practices to put together a quick, online tool to jump start that process: the Health Activated Assessment. 

Get instant feedback and food-for-thought on your organization’s culture of health to start planning for future success.

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