The Heart of a (Wellness) Champion

We recently had the opportunity to witness an amazing group of wellness champions at work during their annual planning workgroup held at one of our client sites. Watching a diverse group of people with a genuine passion for healthy workplace culture brainstorm, build vision boards, and map out a year of wellness activities was a very inspiring sight.

As a company dedicated to helping people live healthy lives, we tip our hat to those people who volunteer their time to help their colleagues in the same way by serving as wellness champions. We see the good work they do for our clients every day by supporting a culture of health, and appreciate the value they can add to programs through grassroots efforts. However a wellness program is designed, wellness champions offer valuable support by:

Serving as a trusted channel: wellness champions provide a direct and informal link for their colleagues to learn more about programs and resources, as well as provide feedback.
Acting as positive advocates: employees who have a passion for wellness and are well-connected foster enthusiasm among colleagues and help.
Supporting communications:  As the on-site “face” of a wellness program, champions offer a way to spread messages through word-of-mouth networking and through their contact spheres.

“Communication is a critical component of building a Culture of Health.  The use of wellness champions is one effective strategy to communicate health and wellness messages to their peers at the grass roots level, providing a direct link between the program and other employees,” says ActiveHealth’s wellness program manager Swapna Mehta.

Where a wellness champion is successful in raising awareness and supporting a culture of health, wellness programs and the overall corporate culture will benefit, too.