Living Well: Stay healthy as you age

Healthy habits are key.

Taking care of your body is the key to good health at every age. It can help slow down or even prevent problems that often come with getting older. And even if certain diseases run in your family, you can still enjoy your golden years. It’s never too late to start good habits

Here are some tips for staying healthy as you age:

  1. Staying active: Regular physical activity keeps your body strong and helps you feel better. It also makes you less likely to get depressed. You might want to think about walking, gardening or working out at the gym.
  2. Staying connected: Staying in touch with friends, family, and neighbors is good for your mental health. But try to take time for yourself, too. Spending 20 minutes a day just to relax is great for body and spirit.
  3. Staying sharp: Try to keep your brain active. Learn or do something new and different. Attend an educational workshop or learn a new card game. There are lots of fun ways to stay mentally sharp.

ActiveHealth Coach Tip:
Coach Jayne's healthy aging tip:

My tip for healthy aging is to eat a well-balanced diet to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need for your body to work in its prime! Some tips on healthy eating include:

  • Top your favorite whole grain cereal or oatmeal with fruits, seeds, or nuts
  • Use herbs and spices instead of salt to flavor your food
  • Buy frozen when certain vegetables and fruits are not in season

Jayne is an Onsite Health Coach for ActiveHealth. As a coach, Jayne enjoys motivating others to make healthy lifestyle changes. She enjoys helping people find what works best for them to maintain their changes for a better quality of life!

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