New Year, New Workplace Habits

Now that the holiday parties are over and the holiday treats have slowly stopped appearing in the office pantry, it’s the perfect time to start motivating and engaging employees with fun activities to help foster community and build an organizational culture of health. A happy and healthy workplace is important for your employees, and it can be achieved without spending a fortune.

Here are 3 ways to bring healthy habits into your workplace in 2018:

1. Organize weekly wellness walks: Most people take very few steps a day. Recent studies show that the average office professional spends around 10 hours a day sitting. With so many meetings and deadlines a lot of professionals feel as though they do not have time to step away from their desk. A great way to get your office up and moving during the day is to schedule company-wide 30-minute walks once a week.

At ActiveHealth Management, we have a wellness walk every Thursday. Our office is located in midtown Manhattan so for 30 minutes we walk around our neighborhood.  “As a member of our Culture Task Force, keeping our employees engaged and connected is what drives all of our wellness initiatives. This includes our weekly wellness walks which we introduced in the spring. These walks are a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, take in some fresh air, spur creative thinking and get extra motivation towards our individual health goals. I believe our feet were made for walking so I like the fact that we are encouraged to get up and take some extra steps during the day,” says Sonia Husband, Digital Marketing Manager at ActiveHealth. Walking is an easy and effective way to get the blood flowing through the body, and in addition to getting everyone of all fitness levels to take a few extra steps, it’s a great way for employees to interact with each other.

2. Champion company-wide wellness challenges: Wellness challenges are a great way to engage employees, create friendly competition at the office and support a culture of health. These challenges offer a fun way to encourage people to make healthy, long-term behavior changes while providing a social component that strengthens ties among employees and builds a healthier workplace culture.

Every organization’s culture is unique, and with so many great challenge options, it’s important to choose one that fits the needs of your population or adapt the challenges to meet the needs of each worksite. Some fun wellness challenges are ‘100 Days of Fitness Challenge’, ‘The Biggest Loser Competition’ and ‘Walking Power Challenge’. Offering fun prizes for the challenge winners can help get employees excited, and giving out small incentives can help keep members engaged throughout the challenge. You can also provide educational resources and support during a challenge, such as lunch-and-learns, to help participants understand the importance of healthy living.

3.Try out new fitness classes: There are a variety of fitness classes available – there’s yoga, kickboxing, spin, TRX, barre…and the list goes on. For some, trying out a new workout class can be intimating; however taking a class with other first timers can help remove the intimidation and replace it with an element of fun.

Lindsey Brown, Senior Manager of Care Management Solutions at ActiveHealth, coordinates and plans the logistics for our office to take a workout class at different studios in NYC once a month. “I enjoy working out and I love the opportunity to hang out with my colleagues while also getting a great workout in. Trying out workout classes together allow us to bond outside of the office in a fun and unique way; it’s a different experience than just chatting at the usual happy hour. To make sure price isn’t a limiting factor, we often change up the studios we go to so that we can take advantage of the ‘introductory rate’ that a lot of studios offer. We want everyone of all fitness levels to join in on the fun so we alternate between the types of classes we attend. This year we’ve tried classes at Soul Cycle, OrangeTheory Fitness, Swerve and TrampoLEAN. It’s really fun experiencing all the new NYC studios and workouts together, and it makes for great conversations at the water cooler the next day”, says Lindsey.

ActiveHealth Employees Promote Wellness Activities

Photo: Employees at ActiveHealth Management stay active by participating in weekly wellness walks and by taking workout classes together at various studios throughout NYC. 

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