Beth Austin
Beth Austin

Beth Austin, RN, BSN

Beth is the Clinical Services Director of ActiveHealth Management where she oversees the High Point site. Her clinical teams support two flagship ActiveHealth® accounts, NCSHP and PEEHIP, which have received outstanding clinical and service performance. Beth is also an executive sponsor of the High Point Site AERO.

Beth has worked in the health care industry for 34 years, in a variety of settings including Medical-Surgical, Oncology, Hemodialysis, and 17 years in the Post Anesthesia Care. She has also managed a single specialty surgery center. For the past five years, she has managed Aetna and ActiveHealth’s Population Health Management programs. Her passion is building a positive employee culture and using Nursing Informatics to drive improved health outcomes.

Beth received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the UNC-Greensboro in 1983. She is currently enrolled in Liberty University’s Healthcare Administration Master’s program.

In her free time, Beth participates in extensive community service, including food bank management and distribution, and mentoring at-risk teenagers.