Miriam Ferreira

Miriam is the Chief Operating Officer of ActiveHealth Management. She has a 17-year history of successful leadership in healthcare IT and hospital operations, with a genuine interest in organizational development, innovative business strategies, optimizing team performance, leveraging relationships, and streamlining operational inefficiencies.

For the past seven years, Miriam served as Executive Director at Aetna, where she led a team of clinicians supporting accountable care organizations across the U.S. Her responsibilities also tapped into her passion implementing innovation and community programs with Apple, IBM Watson, Experian, and others with joint venture partners in priority markets.

During her tenure in consulting, Miriam worked at IBM and PwC. As part of her management function in both organizations, she enjoyed providing leadership to cross-functional teams and managing all phases of high-value programs and systems from inception through implementation.

Miriam has a master’s in Business and Public Health from both New York University and Columbia University.