Meet Adrian

Adrian is a 42-year old computer technician, living in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is highly educated and happily married, but there is one part of Adrian’s life that has always been a continuous struggle—his weight. During college and graduate school, he packed on more than 140 pounds. Unfortunately, the weight didn’t come off after graduation, and it became a lingering issue for more than two decades. According to Adrian when describing his general health, “I knew that my luck was going to run out sooner or later.” The turning point in Adrian’s life came around the time he turned 40. He was already feeling the impact of the extra weight on his joints and was then diagnosed with high blood pressure. Because Adrian was unable to make progress in meeting his weight loss goals, his doctor discussed bariatric surgery as a potential option. Reality started to sink in, and that daunting conversation became the wake- up call Adrian needed to take action.

Around this time, Adrian received a postcard in the mail promoting the ActiveHealth Management Weight Management program, offered through his employer organization. The postcard detailed the benefits of education, telephonic support and other resources designed to help members lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adrian decided he had nothing to lose—except his extra weight. So he picked up the phone and connected with Gayle, the ActiveHealth® health coach who would help him begin his journey to better health. While Adrian knew he needed to eat right and exercise, he had trouble making—and sticking to—a specific plan of action. He also needed new ideas to address his trouble spots like eating fast foods, large portion sizes and not drinking enough water. Gayle’s expertise helped Adrian develop a structured yet realistic program of exercise and good nutrition. He jumped right into these strategies with incredible discipline and passion. In no time, Adrian joined a gym and began a strict regimen of rigorous exercise, including cycling and Zumba classes seven days a week.



He also connected with Gayle on a regular basis for additional tips, guidance and encouragement. While there are frequently a few slips in any weight loss program, Adrian looked to Gayle as an important source of support. He credits Gayle for keeping him on his toes and giving him a sense of accountability. “If I messed up, my ActiveHealth coach encouraged me to get right back and stay refocused—doing what I had to do to continue to lose weight,” he said.

“In the past two years, I can probably count on my hands four days in total in which I did not exercise,” Adrian said.


“Sometimes I did not want to be bothered or was busy at work, but my ActiveHealth coach always went above and beyond to keep in touch with me. And I appreciate her for that,” he said.


“If I messed up, my ActiveHealth coach encouraged me to get right back and stay refocused—doing what I had to do to continue to lose weight,” he said.

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For the first time in his life, Adrian was shedding his extra weight at an encouraging, consistent pace. In less than a year, he lost 80 pounds and his blood pressure returned to normal. Adrian credits Gayle’s support as well as his ability to believe in himself as the “secret formula” for his success. On days when he felt mentally defeated, he was able to overcome the hurdles with a little help and support. While Adrian is still 30-40 pounds away from his ideal weight, he is proud of how far he has come since that conversation with his doctor. He now serves as an inspiration for his co-workers and new friends at the gym who ask him how he was able to not only lose the excess weight but to also maintain it. Adrian is committed to sticking with the program—and ActiveHealth—through the duration of his journey to maintain an ideal weight.