Analytics & Insights

With our patented analytics and insights platform, ActiveHealth provides reporting and insights to help our clients better assess the health of their populations and ensure that they are targeting the right individuals with the right care management support.

Care Considerations

Care Considerations are messages about health opportunities that help inform members and their health care providers about potential clinical risks, gaps in care and opportunities for health improvement. These health alerts are generated by data from CareEngine and are developed by our clinical team using evidence-based guidelines.

Risk Identification & Stratification

The ActiveHealth Clinical Stratification and Identification Tool (CSID) is another reporting tool generated by our technology platform to help identify individuals for case management, condition management, lifestyle/wellness coaching and other health management programs. The tool validates the presence of a condition or risk of condition by assessing available clinical and claims data, electronic medical records, lab and test results and self-reported data such as health risk assessment responses. 

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