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We see it every day: health information on the internet. From credible news stories on the Zika virus to the latest trending diets on Twitter. it can be overwhelming to process. And if you’ve ever Googled a symptom – you know it can also be downright terrifying!

That’s where health and...

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Providing health and well-being information is a great way to help your employees better manage their health goals. Our 2016 wellness calendar is a simple yet effective communication tool that you can use to advocate well-being all year long.

This calendar is a great guide that can be...

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Now that the holiday parties are over and the holiday treats have slowly stopped appearing in the office pantry, it’s the perfect time to start motivating and engaging employees with fun activities to help foster community and build an organizational culture of health. A happy and healthy...

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70% of companies are investing in health and wellness incentives to improve their employees’ health, help lower claim costs and increase productivity. However, employees that participate in these wellness programs desire choice, but what’s ideal? Too many options can confuse or overwhelm members...

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Organizations understand that a healthy workplace culture can help make their employees healthier and more productive, but it can sometimes be difficult creating a strong...

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Effective engagement requires thinking beyond “how” we engage – we must also focus on how we change behaviors. The methodologies behind behavior change are a very important part of engagement, and should be applied throughout the process to drive meaningful behavior change.


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5 steps employers can take to prepare for the changing benefits industryWith the benefits industry in a...

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In early August, as teachers and school staff across the state of Alabama were preparing to go back to school, our health coaches were working on ways to bring wellness into their workplace. Bibb County School District stood out as a great example of how to infuse these efforts into employee...


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In the of this two-part series, we outlined...

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