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Our mission

Promote whole person health

Our minds and bodies are inextricably connected. The health of one influences the health of the other. That’s why it’s critical to address both in the health care experience.

Create a unified well-being experience

We empower people with the tools, education and clinical resources to make better health decisions today and reduce the chances for chronic conditions tomorrow.

Reduce fragmentation in the health care system

We’re committed to finding new ways to integrate and interpret data and share insights where it matters most – at the point of care.

Be local

We create health solutions that fit within the context of people’s lives – building on the resources and support that surround them every day.

Remove barriers

We work to overcome the social and economic factors that impact health. We respect our members’ familial and cultural traditions and help them build healthier lives within them.

Help people achieve their best health

We will have achieved health equity when every person has a fair and just opportunity to reach their full health potential.


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