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Look to us for innovative, scalable solutions that advance your analytics, health and well-being programs.
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A member’s journey to well-being

Watch Marie’s story to see how we find, engage and motivate people to improve their health — even when it’s hard.

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What you should know

Founded by doctors and proven to improve health quality, outcomes and cost.

20+ years of experience

$8.79 savings in medical and pharmacy costs per member per month

20+ years of NCQA & URAC accreditation


We have a longstanding history of NCQA and URAC accreditations.


Add our solutions to your own to help your members improve heath and lower costs.


Easy to implement, turnkey programs that grow as you grow.

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Let’s check the stats

We let science guide our decisions. We rely on clinicians for product development to give us the best chance to achieve desired outcomes. Recent results related to lifestyle risk factors show:

  • 43% of engaged members lowered their total or LDL cholesterol
  • 60% of engaged members lowered their blood pressure
  • 51% of engaged members had fewer than five days of illness in the last year
  • 17% of engaged members quit smoking

Source: Q4 2021 internal program data

We turn data into action

We ingest data from multiple sources, then translate and analyze it against thousands of evidence-based clinical rules. The results highlight gaps in care and opportunities to improve health. In the hands of members and clinicians, these insights can measurably improve health outcomes and lower health care costs.

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Support when and how members want it

Today’s workforce can be considered to  range in age from 17 to 70. And they all have different backgrounds, personalities and preferences. So, we need to be ready to meet them wherever, whenever they want to work on their health. Highly personalized, self-directed digital support works for some. Others want a closer, more personal connection – onsite, over the phone, in video chats and even, in some cases, at home. We do whatever it takes to meet everyone’s unique needs.

Enhance your offering

Supplement the services you offer your clients and members with our configurable, accredited solutions.
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ActiveHealth can enhance your existing programs and help you expand the kind of support you offer.