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Public sector & unions

You live and work in the communities you serve, and so do we. We offer highly personalized solutions to help you improve health and keep costs down – with a focus on community-based resources.
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The best of both worlds

Better health. Lower health care costs. You can have both.

What you should know

Together we can help your members be healthier and more productive and have lower health care costs.

20% reduction in inpatient costs for identified members

51% of engaged members had fewer than five days of illness in the last year

92% of engaged members with diabetes are getting the appropriate HbA1c monitoring


Mix, match and configure our solutions to achieve your goals.


Care for your employees so they are ready and able to work effectively.


Achieve validated results that deliver better health and measurable cost savings.

Design your solution

Let’s check the stats

We let science guide our decisions. We rely on clinicians for product development to give us the best chance to achieve desired outcomes. Recent results related to lifestyle risk factors show:

  • 43% of engaged members lowered their total or LDL cholesterol
  • 60% of engaged members lowered their blood pressure
  • 51% of engaged members had fewer than five days of illness in the last year
  • 17% of engaged members quit smoking


Source: Q4 2021 internal program data

Acute needs, measurable results

For members with acute needs, our program out-performs industry benchmarks:

  • 4.8 days average length of stay compared to 5.9 benchmark
  • 30.3 admits per 1,000 compared to 36.8 benchmark
  • 7.3% readmission rate compared to 8.6% benchmark


Source: Based on ActiveHealth internal program data, Benchmarks from Truven and MCG 24th Edition, Benchmark Statistics Commercial and Medicaid, 2020.

Meet Marie to see how

It’s not always easy to get people to engage. We find, engage and motivate people who have opportunities to improve their health, even when it’s hard. The result is better health outcomes and lower health costs. Want to see how it works? Watch Marie’s story to learn more.


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Our members say it best

Whether a member is working with a coach, a case manager or our digital tools, they tell us they find the program and support valuable. And that’s reflected in our member satisfaction rate of 99%.


Source: ActiveHealth book of business data 2023

Create healthier communities

Make a meaningful and measurable impact on the health of the communities where you live and work.
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Provide a solution that can help improve health, control costs and reflect the values of your community. We can help.