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We fundamentally believe that strategic use of data and technology can offer real world solutions to problems in health.
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Social determinants of health: moving beyond data to action

Get latest insights from Dr. Lia Gass Rodriguez, our Chief Medical Officer

Continuous surveillance turns data into action

Our patented CareEngine® technology collects, sorts and organizes vast amounts of member data from more than 1,000 data feeds. We analyze it against evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical rules to find opportunities to improve health. These actionable insights help members, their providers and our clinicians measurably improve health outcomes and lower health care costs.

Is it even possible to quantify something as complex as health? The short answer is yes with our Active Health Index. It’s an innovative analytic tool that helps measure multiple dimensions of health today and where they could be tomorrow. Even better, we can apply it both at the individual and population level.

Interoperability among health care providers can improve health outcomes

We expect our data to sync whether we’re on our phones, tablets or computers. Our health care experience should too.

We’ve integrated our clinical platforms with one of the largest repositories of electronic health records in the country. We’re trading first-hand information with health care providers faster than ever before. And it’s helping to make our members’ health care experience feel more fluid and less fragmented.

Reach members when, where and how they want

Today’s workforce includes people from all generations, and they need and want different things for their health. Our multi-channel engagement strategy lets members connect with us in ways that fit naturally into their lives. They can use self-directed digital tools anywhere, any time, video chat or talk on the phone with a coach and join live, online group coaching sessions. If it’s part of your strategy, we can even be onsite in your workplace or centrally located site.

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Promote digital health in this digital age

With just a few clicks you can find information on just about anything. But how do you know what you can trust? Our members have reliable, evidence-based health information at their fingertips. They can connect the devices and apps they’re already using to build a more complete picture of their health. And they can find convenient, easy-to-use tools that can help them set and achieve their specific health goals.

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