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Outcomes & results

You invest time and money developing your well-being strategies. We deliver measurable results.
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Social determinants of health: moving beyond data to action

Get latest insights from Dr. Lia Gass Rodriguez, our Chief Medical Officer

Recent results

Program results your CFO and members will love.*

20% reduction in emergency room visits per 1,000

92% of engaged members with diabetes are getting the appropriate HbA1c monitoring

$27.49 medical cost savings per identified member per month

78% of engaged members have their blood pressure under control

51% of engaged members had fewer than five days of illness in the last year

Experience the ActiveHealth difference

For more than 20 years we’ve been in the business of building healthier futures for our clients and their members. When you work with us, expect to get:

  • Personalized, inclusive clinical programs
  • Measurable results for both health and costs
  • Flexible, configurable strategies
  • Technology-driven solutions
  • Evidence-based opportunities to improve heath
  • Dedicated implementation resource
  • Engagement support from launch and beyond
  • Analytics to support program optimization

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