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Every day, we use science-based coaching and technology to solve real-world health care problems.

Social determinants of health: moving beyond data to action

Get latest insights from Dr. Lia Gass Rodriguez, our Chief Medical Officer


Our powerful, sophisticated analytics find and remove barriers to better health.


We put data to work when and where it’s right for members — by video or phone, online or in person.


We use clinical, technological and community-based resources to achieve lasting behavior changes.

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Why ActiveHealth

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Achieving health equity is as important to us as it is to you

There’s no denying that where we live, work and play has an effect on health. Every day at ActiveHealth, we help members overcome those obstacles – like having access to health care or healthy food options. But we also help them take advantage of the resources available in their communities. To be successful, we must help members improve their health within the context of their families, communities and culture.

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Whole person health

At ActiveHealth, we believe in whole person health – when the body, mind and spirit are in balance. So, we treat our members like the complex beings they are. By addressing the needs of the whole person, we’re able to better create lasting behavior changes that have lifelong impacts.

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Member engagement

We meet members where they are – whether they are highly motivated, cautiously optimistic or not sure where to start. From there, we let them set the tone and pace, but we’re with them every step of the way. Read how one well-being hero took on the challenge to improve engagement … and succeeded.

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Measurable results

Our mission is to help people live healthier lives, and when we’re successful that does translate to lower health care costs. We conducted a two-year study of our Lifestyle and Condition Coaching program that showed just that. The independently validated study showed that we achieved savings of over $27 per identified member, per month.

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Better health. Lower health care costs. You can have both.

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MyActiveHealthSM brings evidence-based health information right to your members’ fingertips.

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