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Lifestyle and Condition Coaching (LCC)

Some of the most serious conditions affecting Americans today are directly connected to lifestyle choices. Our LCC program can help people both manage their conditions and address the behaviors that cause them.
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Show your commitment to your employees

You care about your employees, and they look to you to promote their physical, emotional, social and financial well-being. Let us work with you to tailor a program that can help your members focus on what matters most to them.


  • Configurable program design to elevate your well-being strategy
  • Highly personalized coaching interactions
  • Integration with other offerings, like incentives and biometric screenings
  • Multi-channel journeys that address high impact conditions
  • Targeted engagement and outreach from launch and beyond

Better health outcomes. Lower health care costs. And now it’s even better.

Marie is not making time for her health. But ActiveHealth can help.

Six weeks of intensive focus on heart health

Heart disease can be devastating – physically and financially. We can help people make changes that can help them keep their heart healthy in the long term.

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Six months of multi-channel support for weight management

Look at lists of risk factors for serious chronic conditions. Excess weight is almost always on them. We can help people manage their weight and lower their risk for future health issues.

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In their own words: hear from ActiveHealth members

What does healthy mean to you? Whether our members are working one-on-one with a coach, joining live group coaching sessions or using digital resources, the impact is clear.

Accreditations show our commitment to quality

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Let's talk about how your organization can improve your members' health and quality of life while also reducing health care costs.
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