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MyActiveHealthSM wellness platform

Evidence-based health information delivered in clear, plain language that members can easily understand and apply in their daily lives.


Responds and evolves as individual health needs change.


Gamified format that’s easy to use and feels familiar.


Data-driven health insights drive content and recommendations.

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At ActiveHealth, we say, “Tech, yes!”

Trusted information that goes wherever your members go

We never know when we’ll need information to help manage health or make a health care decision. Your members can have that information at their fingertips whenever, wherever they need it.

  • Our MyHealth100 score lets people understand their health today.
  • Fun, goal-oriented journeys drive members toward health improvement.
  • Powerful technology and analytics deliver personalized content in the moments that matter.

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Accessible by design

What does it mean to be accessible? Simply put, it means something’s easy to enter and use – for everyone. Read more about how we designed the MyActiveHealth wellness platform to be an accessible, inclusive digital experience.

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Curious about our personalized journeys?

Join Jordan on his quest to get more restful sleep. Go along as he sets and achieves goals related to developing healthier sleep habits.

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