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True health is balance in body, mind and spirit. We promote whole person health by offering inclusive, personalized support. We improve health outcomes and lower health care costs..
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Social determinants of health: moving beyond data to action

Get latest insights from Dr. Lia Gass Rodriguez, our Chief Medical Officer

Lifestyle and Condition Coaching

Four in ten Americans have two or more chronic conditions* – many tied to unhealthy behavior. We help members create lasting healthy habits that can prevent chronic conditions. Where conditions already exist, we can help members manage them more successfully.


  • Improved health outcomes and lower health care costs
  • Highly personalized coaching experiences backed by science
  • Multi-channel engagement strategies to reach all members of your population


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MyActiveHealthSM wellness platform

When your members look to the MyActiveHealth wellness platform, they’ll find evidence-based health information they can trust. It’s also delivered in clear, plain language they can easily understand and apply in their daily lives.


  • MyHealth100 helps members understand their health and how to improve it
  • Personalized journeys help members set and achieve health goals
  • Data-driven health insights highlight opportunities to improve health and close gaps in care
  • Integrated rewards promote your program strategies and prompt healthy actions


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Maternity management

Help people have healthy pregnancies and babies right from the start. Experienced coaches offer support every step of the way.


  • Support for first-time or subsequent pregnancies
  • Extra support for high-risk pregnancies
  • Education and coaching for conditions like gestational diabetes

Biometric screenings

Biometric screening can give participants a better understanding of their health and help you focus your well-being strategy.


  • Turnkey screening events
  • Personalized participant results
  • Aggregate reporting for sponsors

Incentive management

Incentives can encourage a specific healthy action, promote long-term healthy behavior and advance health outcomes.


  • Participation and outcome-based options
  • Clear communication about available rewards with progress to goals
  • Configurable rewards program designs
  • Simple implementation and reporting


Long-term NCQA accreditations speak for themselves

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It’s easier to be engaged and productive when you’re truly well. See how our whole person health solutions help your members find balance.
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