Employers, health plans and providers use ActiveHealth to meaningfully improve the health of all members.

We make it possible to help members who are vulnerable and more difficult to engage. This enables you to measurably lower the cost of care.

We engage all members

ActiveHealth promotes a well-being solution that works for all your members. We offer 24/7 mobile and web support as well as live, proactive, individually tailored, person-to-person outreach and programming.

We predict and address avoidable, costly health events

ActiveHealth offers group and individual coaching and care coordination based on data analytics that predict chronic and acute risk and drive member and provider communication.

We focus on vulnerable members

We bring specialized support to vulnerable members who often have multiple chronic conditions and social and behavioral challenges. We deliver this through intensified outreach, coaching and care coordination.

We monitor and measure progress

You will receive regular updates on the health status of your member population, including savings measurements.

We achieve success through:

CareEngine® technology:

We use data and predictive analytics to assess how a member’s health will change over time. We also prioritize opportunities to improve health.

More about CareEngine technology


We help members articulate their wellness visions. And then we engage with them to create personalized health action plans. We offer care coordination to assist vulnerable members in getting the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, all while communicating with providers.

Mobile and web engagement:

We provide members 24/7 access to compelling online and mobile tools that support and encourage members through individual insights and recommendations, group challenges, rewards, recipes and education.

Clinical programs:

Our clinical programs are developed and regularly updated based on the latest science. In our Lifestyle and Condition Coaching program, we cover 10 areas of lifestyle focus and 19 chronic conditions. We take a whole person approach including behavioral and social determinants of health. This establishes successful, long-term behavior change.